Message by Campus Director of IET Bhaddal

For the past 19 years IET Bhaddal Technical Campus has been a leading educator in Engineering, Management and Architecture. Since day one it has been providing a cutting-edge curriculum to prepare students for successful and meaningful careers. In a world of accelerating change with technical industries constantly growing more complex, it’s critical that a professional institute provides a leading, relevant, and innovative education. It is in that spirit that we now offer master’s degrees in these. The colleges of the Technical Campus prepare students to become effective professionals, leaders, managers, and future executives in industry. IET has a number of competitive advantages, including a more robust and technically rigorous curriculum than many of the programs offered elsewhere. We also boast of an accomplished faculty with significant experience in both academia and industry, with a balance of professional applications across manufacturing, commercial and defense industries. We endeavor to insure a responsive and timely curriculum, qualified faculty and appropriate staffing to make the student experience the best it can possibly be. Now we aspire to develop the next generation of Pharmacist. We invite you to join us, and I am confident you would decide to accept this challenge.

Dr. J.S. Kanwar